Tamworth Shukokai Karate Club is a member of the Shukokai Karate Association, the association has a series of gradings, these range from the novice through the Kyus (10th Kyu to 1st Kyu) to the Dans (Black belts 1st dan and upwards).

Each Grade is attained by a mixture of experience and passing an assessment- both criteria must be met before progression can be made. These assessments are held regularly throughout the year and, as you would expect, earlier grades have less demanding assessments (but still appropriate to the experience) which are able to be carried out after a set time limit.

Senior grades must hone their skills for longer before attempting more exacting assessments. In order to gain a Black Belt it is necessary for the student to demonstrate technical knowledge and skill to a level laid down in the Association Grading Syllabus, for each of the 3 fundamental competencies of Karate which are Kihon (basic techniques), Kata (set formal exercise) and Kumite (sparring).

Belt order

10th Kyu 
10th Kyu – Red and White Belt
9th Kyu 
9th Kyu – Red Belt
8th Kyu
8th Kyu – Yellow Belt
7th Kyu
7th Kyu – Orange Belt
6th Kyu
6th Kyu – Green Belt
5th Kyu
5th Kyu – Blue Belt
4th Kyu
4th Kyu – Purple Belt
3rd Kyu
3rd Kyu – Brown Belt
2nd Kyu
2nd Kyu – Brown and White Belt
1st Kyu
1st Kyu – Brown and Red Belt
1st Dan
1st Dan – Black Belt
2nd Dan
2nd Dan – Black Belt
3rd Dan
3rd Dan – Black Belt
4th Dan
4th Dan – Black Belt
5th Dan
5th Dan – Black Belt
6th Dan
6th Dan – Black Belt
7th Dan
7th Dan – Black Belt
8th Dan
8th Dan – Black Belt